From Annual Conference 2019, Reconciling Ministries

From the Annual Conference 2019
July 2019 
It was a joy to once again serve as one of your representatives to Annual Conference. Some highlights for me included the various conversation sessions, learning more of what others think/feel/believe.
One worship led by the LGBTQ Task Force was powerful. The term used to describe clergy and others who serve/have served in the closet for decades and generations is “The Hidden Faithful.” They reminded all of us that they have ever been serving faithfully and fruitfully alongside us at the expense of their personal, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and only now are being themselves. The sermon encouraged us to see the image of God in others and allow God to move as HE wills in the life of each person. We were also reminded it is our job in “mishpat,” a Hebrew word used to refer to God’s actions of
justice and mercy embodied in the life of Jesus Christ.
Another highlight following commissioning was the introduction of one Maya Usher, 17, a candidate for ministry. Maya, having just completed 11th grade, told everyone that in 2028 she will be the Rev. Maya Usher! She shared a little of her story and her vision that all will be truly welcome and young people voices will have more say in the church and the workings for social justice. She left us with: “If you want to see a new church, just watch me!”
It is always a blessing to attend AC and to see how God works through so many to bring love, peace and justice into the world. I invite you to join us next year.
-Barbara Mitchell

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