Mid-Year Check-in

Mid-Year Check-in Pastor’s Ponderings – June 2018
We are mid-way through the year and what have we accomplished? We’ve given grant funding to 22
community organizations, we’ve worked on our ministry action plan (MAP), we’ve fed people, taught children, shepherded three confirmands, offered seven different discipleship classes or support groups, shared in 43 worship services, offered three musical concert events… All since January 1, 2018. That’s a lot… and there is much more! The list could go on and on describing how this church family is offering Christ’s love to one another, our neighbors and our world every day!!
Pastor Frank and I will be attending Annual Conference this June at the University of the Redlands. This
may be the last year we go to Redlands for this event. There is a plan to move the California Pacific Annual Conference to San Diego in 2019! (I’m really excited and think this is a great idea!) Our Bishop, Rev. Grant Hagiya, is working with a conference leadership group to reduce our conference budget and expand the conference support of local churches. He has also been a part of the conversation our denomination is having about how to move forward as people who have regionally divided beliefs about human sexuality.
The conversation will continue during a Special General Conference in 2019 as we seek to be people who
are faithful to Jesus Christ and transform the world in love. In addition, there were some recent changes to our denomination’s constitution and at least one amendment change will likely bounce-back to all the Annual Conferences for discussion and maybe a new vote.
As I look into the rest of the year, I’m so excited to continue working on ministry with you! We will hold
a special All Church Charge Conference on June 27th at 7 p.m. to review and vote on the Ministry Action Plan as an entire congregation. Everyone is welcome to come! The District Superintendent, Rev. John Farley, will join us for this special time of honoring our past by looking into our future, as we name and affirm the work that God has called us to! I don’t know yet how you want to reorganize and use the building and land that we occupy. I don’t yet know how the budget will shape up or how the numbers will work out. But I do know you are passionate and driven to care for one another and this community and the world! I KNOW God is calling you forward and despite the suspicion some have for Christianity and Church, we are reaching new people every week.
I continue to be honored to be the senior pastor in charge at UMC Vista and have great joy about the ministry we are doing! Thank you for your faithful work and kindness as we grow together!
Pastor Leigh Ann

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