Welcome to the United Women in Faith ministry, driven by God’s love and united in sisterhood.  With a focus on women, children, and youth, we believe love in action can change the world. Below the UWFaith Star are listed some of our activities during January through June.
We gather on the first Tuesday of each month, from September through June, to connect in sisterhood, to learn, to act and to transform lives. While there are not monthly meeting July and August, we may have special events planned so stay tuned to our Flame or Facebook.
The website of the national organization is a great source to explore and to become familiar with all that we do as the largest protestant women’s organization in the world.  You can locate the United Women in Faith website at https://wnccumw.org/, and https://www.facebook.com/uwomenfaith.  For information about our local activities please contact Jacque Howard and stay connected with the church newsletter, The Flame.
United Women in Faith is the latest version of United Methodist Women.  The organization has evolved over the past 155 years with 25 names, each reflecting the varying times and the union of predecessor denominations.  The new name is part of a refreshment of the organization that includes a new look and new programs to better nurture old members and welcome new members.
The legal name of the organization remains United Methodist Women.  Checks submitted to the organization should be made out to Vista UMW.  We remain the organization training women for leadership, growing spiritually, transforming lives through education and providing opportunities for service and advocacy.  We remain women in mission who follow God’s call for our time.


In February we arranged a tour of the “One Safe Place” facility in San Marcos.  It was a great tour and opened our eyes to what services they offer for the under-served in the community.  We finished the morning with lunch and fellowship at a nearby restaurant.

We greeted April with a visit to the Carlsbad Flower Fields in appreciation of the beauty of God’s creation and with appreciation to those who manage and tend the fields.

The Mothers’ Day bake sale was a big success at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday and on Sunday at the church.  Profits from the sale provide funds for mission.  United Women in Faith wants to give a big thank you to all the bakers and buyers.  And a special thank you to Scott Lyons for the set-up and tear down at the Farmers’ Market.  

Ladies who enjoy crafts gathered in May and August to make “Thinking of You” cards that will be sent to persons in the congregation by the Caring Committee.    In June a card making workshop made sympathy cards.  The project was organized and led by Jeannie Martinsen.

United Women in Faith selected Tracy and Scott Lyons to receive the 2023 Quiet Disciple designation during a May church service.  They have been a constant source of assistance during the moving process upon the completion of the new wing to our building.  Their willing spirits and talents are much appreciated.