United Women in Faith

New name

     United Methodist Women has a new name announced March 3, 2022.  Since the beginning of the organization, it has had more than 25 names, each reflecting the varying times and the union of predecessor denominations.  We are again facing a change in the life of the church and in how women live and choose to engage the world in faith.  Beginning this year, United Methodist Women will call ourselves United Women in Faith.

     The new name is part of a refreshment of the organization that includes a new look, new feel and new programs to better nurture old members and welcome new women into the sisterhood.  Also, a new mission statement has been created.  The changes are the result of research during the past quadrennium with guidance from the elected UMW board of directors.

     We are still the only official women’s organization of The United Methodist Church and our legal name will remain United Methodist Women.  Checks submitted to our local organization should be made out to Vista UMW.  Sounds confusing but it will continue to evolve and much more information is on the new website, uwfaith.org and on facebook.com/women of faith.  We remain the organization training women for leadership, growing spiritually, transforming through education and providing opportunities for service and advocacy.  We remain women in mission who follow God’s call for our time.


United Women in Faith

United Women In Faith (UWIF)Sunday, Jan.29

The mission theme of the United Women in Faith Sunday, January 29th, will feature a video presentation delivered by Rev. Dr. Krista Givens.  Rev. Givens is currently serving in Alicante, Spain.   Also, UMIF will announce two recipients for a 2022 Special Mission Recognition to celebrate mission service in the life of the church.
Virtual Bible Study
All are invited to join UWIF members for a multi-session virtual Bible study on the school-to-prison pipeline.  These sessions on  this social justice issue incorporate Bible study, engaging small groups, personal reflection, and action pieces that will equip you to see familiar Biblical stories in a new light.  Wednesdays, Jan. 18, 25 and Feb. 1, 4-5 p.m.  You can choose to attend one or more of the sessions.  Led by Pastor Janelle Gayle. Bring your Bible.  Please contact Jacque Howard or Barbara Mitchell for questions/register.

Heartfelt Thanks from UMW

“Heartfelt Thanks from UMW”
October 2018
Heartfelt thanks from UMW to all those who contributed to our Bake Sale. We raised $599 towards our mission giving goals. We appreciate our bakers, the buyers, the sellers and especially our Farmers Market crew: Scott, Tracy and Taylor Lyons, Colleen Guffey, Tom Humphrey and John Mitchell. Thank you all for your dedicated work.
-UMW Leadership


Ruth Circle December Meeting

Ruth Circle Activity
Pictured are some of the members of UMW Ruth Circle enjoying a delicious brunch prepared by Linda Grider for their December meeting. An added highlight was  a touching and uplifting video for the devotional presented by Rollin that featured a tender story in song about Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.