Youth Ministries

Vision Statement: 

The vision for our youth is to give them a voice and to let them know they matter, to provide young people with a place where they feel welcome, accepted, and safe, and to offer them support in all phases of their spiritual journey.

Mission Statement:

The youth group of Vista UMC is dedicated and passionate about giving back to the community. They would like to have a voice in their spiritual journey and trust that the love, kindness, respect, and  forgiveness will be returned from the community as they develop into self-reliant adults that become the leaders of tomorrow.


If your youth wishes to participate in our youth program, please click here to find corresponding forms

Youth Group Events & Dates for 2023 
 10/15- Youth Group, 11-12:30  

10/22 – Outdoor games with North Coast Methodist Church Time 12-2

10/28 – Trunk or treat- Great opportunity for Community Outreach!!
11/12 – Youth Group 11-12:30 
A weekend near 11/19 will probably be when we help out with the Vista Teen outreach. More information to come soon!

11/19 – Youth Group 11-12:30

11/25 – Family day at Knott’s Berry Farm- DETAILS TO FOLLOW

12/3 –  Peace Vigil afternoon, meet an hour before hand.

12/17 – Youth Christmas Party at the Church 11 – 1

Youth Group Study

First Sunday of the month Join us for the MAIN EVENT, play games and eat together. Grow your faith and develop a relationship with Christ through a lesson and hands-on learning activity. Learn more about ourselves and God.