United Methodist Women

Heidi Kendall, 2020 Quiet Disciple

Every year Vista United Methodist Women select a person to honor as a Quiet Disciple.  A “Quiet Disciple” enriches the lives of others with the love of Christ by a ministry that may be visible to all or quiet and behind the scenes.  UMW is proud to announce that the 2020 Quiet Disciple is Heidi Kendall. UMW appreciates Heidi’s many talents and loves her for her generous and caring spirit.  United Methodist Women are blessed to have Heidi as part of our Organization.          
-Jacque Howard, President, UMW


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Ruth Circle Visits Christ Church Ministry Center

Ruth Circle Visits Christ Church Ministry Center

Last Tuesday Ruth Circle of UMW sponsored a trip  to Christ United Methodist Church & Ministry Center in San Diego to find out more about its ministries, out reach and discipleship programs.