Outreach Grant Shepherd Page 

Outreach and Mission Funding Timeline – 2019


May 25, 2018  – Application Deadline  

May 29, 2018  – First Round of Vetting

June 24, 2018 –  Make a Difference Day


July 8, 2018 – Shepherd Training


August 15, 2018 -. Shepherd Recommendations Deadline


September 8, 2018 –  Outreach Application Packets (Organization Application and Shepherd Assessment) distributed to Church Council


October 20, 2018 – Church Council will discuss the Packet and complete Prioritizing Vote.  Shepherds are expected to attend meeting to address any questions and/or comments regarding application. 

**Please note:  there will be no presentations by organizations. Shepherds (or person designated by Shepherd) will need to address application.**

November 14, 2018 –  Funding Levels will be determined by Church Council

TBD  – Outreach Budget will be approved by Charge Conference

Thank you for helping discern our UMCV Outreach Partners for 2019.

Forms and Deadlines