Outreach Grant Shepherd Page 

United Methodist Church of Vista

Outreach and Mission Funding Timeline for 2020-2021

July 15, 2020              Application loaded on Website and all agencies who                                               have applied in past sent email announcement of                                                     availability

August 1, 2020            Application Deadline

August 7, 2020            First Round of Vetting

                                    Shepherd Training Invitation sent to previous Shepherds.

August 23, 2020          Shepherd Training 
Zoom ID to be emailed separately.

September 6, 2020     Shepherd Evaluation/Recommendations Due-Date

September 20, 2020    Outreach Application Packets (Organization Application                                          and Shepherd Assessment) distributed to Administrative
                                    (Church) Council 

October _, 2020          Administrative (Church) Council will discuss the Packet and
Prioritizing Vote. Shepherds are invited to                                                 attend meeting to respond to any questions and/or                                                 comments regarding application. **Please note: In order                                       to provide an equal opportunity for all applications/                                               requests, there will be no presentations by organizations.
                                   Shepherds (or person
designated by Shepherd) will be 
                                   invited to respond to applications.
Posters, pictures,                                               videos or other presentation materials are not encouraged
                                   or invited at this meeting.**

November _, 2020      Funding Levels will be determined by Church Council

November _, 2020      Outreach Budget will be approved by All Church/Charge                                       Conference

                                   *Within two weeks of Charge Conference – Notification                                           Letters mailed

January _, 2021           Celebration Luncheon Invitation mailed                                                                   (*Event pending Covid19/Public Health Pandemic                                                   circumstance and will be discerned by early 2021.)

February_, 2021          RSVP Deadline for Luncheon (TBD)

February _, 2021         Celebration Luncheon (TBD)

Thank you for helping discern our UMCV Outreach Partners for 2020-2021.

Forms and Deadlines