Make A Difference Day 2018 FAQs

Make A Difference Day 2018 FAQ’s Upcoming Event “Make a Difference Sunday” June 24, 2018

The Congregation is invited to participate in our Cable Grant Process this Sunday downstairs in Fellowship Hall between services and after second service.


FAQ’s (Frequently asked Questions)


Q: I am unfamiliar with this process or I am new to this Church what can I expect when I go downstairs on Sunday?

A: The Church has received grant requests from organizations, local, national and international, to support their good works. These requests have been reviewed to ensure that they are complete, they are a 501C3 organization and that their purpose does not conflict with our Book of Discipline.


Q: I am being asked to indicate that I support funding for these organizations. How would I determine that?

A: There will be two copies of each grant request available for review. There will be a separate sheet where you can sign your name indicating that you support the projects goals and you want it to move forward through the grant process. If you do not support a project then you do not sign that corresponding sheet. 


Q: I keep hearing the words “VETTING and SHEPHERDING what do these terms mean?

A: We ask that at least one person per request do additional research into these projects. The local group can be contacted, visited and then the individual doing this research completes a review based upon that visit and their impressions. National and International groups can be contacted by phone, and or email. Most organizations have websites that can be visited as well. This is a very important part of the process since we don’t just want to stroke a check but we want to build relationships with these organizations.


Q: How do I indicate that I would be willing to be a SHEPHERD or VET a project?

A; Each attendee will receive two “Stars”. We ask that you place a star next to your name indicating that you would be willing to take on that responsibility. A project can have more than one shepherd and you will be paired up to work together.


Q: Will instructions be provided if I choose to be a Shephard for a project?

A: Yes, we have set aside the date of Sunday, July 8th at 10:15 (between services) in the Chapel. If you are unable to attend that meeting other arrangements can/will be made.


Q: What happens if no one chooses to Vet/Shephard a grant request?

A: The request goes no further. A letter is sent to the organization letting them know that they will not be funded.


Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A: Suzanne McMurchie  or Beth Hallock

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