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Make A Difference Day 2018 FAQs

Make A Difference Day 2018 FAQ’s Upcoming Event “Make a Difference Sunday” June 24, 2018

The Congregation is invited to participate in our Cable Grant Process this Sunday downstairs in Fellowship Hall between services and after second service.


FAQ’s (Frequently asked Questions)


Q: I am unfamiliar with this process or I am new to this Church what can I expect when I go downstairs on Sunday?

A: The Church has received grant requests from organizations, local, national and international, to support their good works. These requests have been reviewed to ensure that they are complete, they are a 501C3 organization and that their purpose does not conflict with our Book of Discipline.


Q: I am being asked to indicate that I support funding for these organizations. How would I determine that?

A: There will be two copies of each grant request available for review. There will be a separate sheet where you can sign your name indicating that you support the projects goals and you want it to move forward through the grant process. If you do not support a project then you do not sign that corresponding sheet. 


Q: I keep hearing the words “VETTING and SHEPHERDING what do these terms mean?

A: We ask that at least one person per request do additional research into these projects. The local group can be contacted, visited and then the individual doing this research completes a review based upon that visit and their impressions. National and International groups can be contacted by phone, and or email. Most organizations have websites that can be visited as well. This is a very important part of the process since we don’t just want to stroke a check but we want to build relationships with these organizations.


Q: How do I indicate that I would be willing to be a SHEPHERD or VET a project?

A; Each attendee will receive two “Stars”. We ask that you place a star next to your name indicating that you would be willing to take on that responsibility. A project can have more than one shepherd and you will be paired up to work together.


Q: Will instructions be provided if I choose to be a Shephard for a project?

A: Yes, we have set aside the date of Sunday, July 8th at 10:15 (between services) in the Chapel. If you are unable to attend that meeting other arrangements can/will be made.


Q: What happens if no one chooses to Vet/Shephard a grant request?

A: The request goes no further. A letter is sent to the organization letting them know that they will not be funded.


Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A: Suzanne McMurchie  or Beth Hallock


Our M.A.P. in preparation for Charge Conference

Our M.A.P. (Ministry Action Plan) in preparation for Charge Conference 

We will meet at Charge Conference on JUNE 27that 7pm to Affirm our Ministry Action Plan. 

Next Steps: The goals and plans outlined here will be returned to the Church Council, and all our ministry teams and committees as we strive to live God’s call in our world. 

Future staffing, budgeting and facility use and needs will be prioritized based on our goals as outlined in our Ministry Action Plan. 
Follow this link to find the here.
Survey Monkey Questionnaire here.


Mid-Year Check-in

Mid-Year Check-in Pastor’s Ponderings – June 2018
We are mid-way through the year and what have we accomplished? We’ve given grant funding to 22
community organizations, we’ve worked on our ministry action plan (MAP), we’ve fed people, taught children, shepherded three confirmands, offered seven different discipleship classes or support groups, shared in 43 worship services, offered three musical concert events… All since January 1, 2018. That’s a lot… and there is much more! The list could go on and on describing how this church family is offering Christ’s love to one another, our neighbors and our world every day!!
Pastor Frank and I will be attending Annual Conference this June at the University of the Redlands. This
may be the last year we go to Redlands for this event. There is a plan to move the California Pacific Annual Conference to San Diego in 2019! (I’m really excited and think this is a great idea!) Our Bishop, Rev. Grant Hagiya, is working with a conference leadership group to reduce our conference budget and expand the conference support of local churches. He has also been a part of the conversation our denomination is having about how to move forward as people who have regionally divided beliefs about human sexuality.
The conversation will continue during a Special General Conference in 2019 as we seek to be people who
are faithful to Jesus Christ and transform the world in love. In addition, there were some recent changes to our denomination’s constitution and at least one amendment change will likely bounce-back to all the Annual Conferences for discussion and maybe a new vote.
As I look into the rest of the year, I’m so excited to continue working on ministry with you! We will hold
a special All Church Charge Conference on June 27th at 7 p.m. to review and vote on the Ministry Action Plan as an entire congregation. Everyone is welcome to come! The District Superintendent, Rev. John Farley, will join us for this special time of honoring our past by looking into our future, as we name and affirm the work that God has called us to! I don’t know yet how you want to reorganize and use the building and land that we occupy. I don’t yet know how the budget will shape up or how the numbers will work out. But I do know you are passionate and driven to care for one another and this community and the world! I KNOW God is calling you forward and despite the suspicion some have for Christianity and Church, we are reaching new people every week.
I continue to be honored to be the senior pastor in charge at UMC Vista and have great joy about the ministry we are doing! Thank you for your faithful work and kindness as we grow together!
Pastor Leigh Ann


Building Update

The Building Committee has been working with the Planning Department of the City of Vista in order to fulfill our commitment to our Congregation with the proposed completion of our facility.

The City had requested that we reach out to our neighbors. We had planned face to face meetings in early March and then Covid-19 changed those plans. We had to determine another way to reach out and explain our reasons, provide the plans and the concepts. Once that was completed, the information was mailed to over 470 homes/businesses allowing them the opportunity to call or email the Church office with questions or arrange for a masked face-to-masked face meeting for an exterior visualization. If you would like to read this letter, please CLICK HERE.
Online Worship
Worship with us ONLINE.  You can find our worship time at our YouTube channel at United Methodist Church of Vista.  Or, if you receive a weekly newsletter, you will receive a link every week for our service.

We are developing a plan for safe in-person worship and gathering.  Any in-person events, including worship will be offered only when we can assure the safety of our congregation and community.  Until there is a vaccine or other treatment for COVID-19, any in-person gatherings will require face masks, physically distancing of at least six feet, limited singing, spoken litanies, prayers and sermons, no potlucks or offered coffee/cookie fellowship, and no handshakes, hugging or other greeting line with the pastor or church staff.  Our plan is being developed with guidelines from our Bishop, Annual Conference, city and state guidelines and best practices based on up-to-date health information.
Food donations for North County Food Bank and Interfaith Community Services
We are collecting food donations to take to the North County Food Bank and Interfaith Community Services. How can you help? Either drop off food items or schedule a pick-up on Wednesday, January 6. To Drop off: leave at the church office, on the bench outside the front office door between 9 am and noon. For Pick-Up: please email Brenda and Mike Walker at and plan to leave your items on your porch or curb by 9 am. For more information call Brenda and Mike Walker at 760. 726.0442.  NO expired or open food, glass jars or homemade items. 
Helping Hands and “and Two Fishes”
If you have any, please consider saving blankets and blankets for Helping Hands Outreach and food containers for “and Two Fishes.” You can drop items off on Thursdays between 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. on the lower parking lot near the gate. Someone from “and Two Fishes” should be able to assist you. Please contact Brenda Walker, or the church office 760.726.0442, with any any questions. “and Two Fishes” is still providing a sack lunch and a “to-go meal” on Thursday evenings between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m.


Zoom meetings are one way we are working on keeping connected.  All you need is a computer or smartphone with a built-in microphone and a camera and you can join in. Click on the link and follow the prompts to join the gathering.  We are all learning as we go!  See you there!  

Coffee Chat after Worship, Sundays at 10:30 a.m.


Frank’s Music Chat, Mondays at 11:00 a.m.


Congregational Care Meeting,
January 7, 1:30 p.m.


Trustees, January 19, 6:30 pm


Finance, January 27, 7:00 p.m.


Church Council, Jan. 30, 9:00 a.m.
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To view “Prepare Him Room” music concert celebrating Advent and the Christmas season, please click on:

Update from the Education Committee
As with most things, COVID-19 related health and safety protocols have limited the programs and events supported by the UMC Vista Education Committee, but we want you to know we are still here with the same purpose; to bring faith enrichment and education to our church youth, families and to the community. Needless to say, finding ways to serve this purpose has been a new challenge but through the initiative and dedication of the teachers and members of our congregation, we’ve connected in various ways over the last several months. Deliveries of flowers, blessing bags, Youth Group welcome kits and Sunday School at-home packets are some ways we’ve remained engaged.
As we gear up with the new season and continue to be mindful of doing our part to support health and safety guidelines, we are at work developing plans for Sunday school connections and other safe activities. Unfortunately, our cherished Annual Trunk or Treat event is not an activity we can responsibly host as currently advised by the San Diego County Health Advisory Board but we’ll continue to work to find alternatives until we can be back together again.
If you feel called to join Education Committee or have suggestions, questions or comments, we are always happy to hear from you! You can contact the church.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and out of concern for the well-being of our community, we are postponing our church meetings and activities until further notice.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for prayer or to talk. 


The Education/Discipleship program is postponing meetings and activities until further  notice.

Family Game Night is postponed until further notice.