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“In-home” Listening Meetings

“In-Home” Listening Meetings
United Methodist Church of Vista
GAP Team and Congregation
In Home (and At Church) Listening Sessions
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March – April 2018


What’s a M.A.P.?

What’s a M.A.P.?
Pastor’s Ponderings – May 1, 2018

The GAP team have been hard at work! We have a draft of our Ministry Act Plan (MAP) for the next few years and are putting ‘action items’ to the goals. It is a living document and a work in progress, even after it’s affirmed by our congregation.

For the last few months we’ve been meeting in homes and with various groups of the church to gather input and ideas about where YOU believe God is calling us. It is clear that you are passionate about Family and Friends, that you believe our relationships with one another and welcoming more people to our church family is very, very, very, (very ….) important! Everything about what we do and how we do it connects with your value of people!

A draft mission and vision statement for our church to ponder is: ‘United Methodist Church of Vista is called to Build Relationships of Justice, Faith and Hospitality to Bring God’s LOVE to all people.’ Our relationships of JUSTICE are outreach ministries of all kinds both locally, and globally. Our relationships of FAITH are worship and discipleship and small groups and faith formation both inside and outside the walls of our church. Relationships of HOSPITALITY are welcoming at the front door of the church on Sundays and throughout the week and going out into the community to nurture and care for intergenerational families, particularly families with growing children.

I have heard many of you want a larger space to gather, share meals, hold celebrations and potlucks and have fun together. Many of you feel the downstairs space is not well suited for gathering together due to accessibility and safety issues. Many of you are passionate about our feeding ministry on Thursday and want to see it expanded to provide other caring resources like showers, supplies for the week, clothing and other resources for getting into a home. There is interest in whether a preschool or after school program for children in our area would work on our campus and whether we have the capacity to move forward on this. A few of you have big bold visions of being a local hub for ministry and outreach. And many of you want more opportunities for classes and worship during the week.

As I mentioned, we have a draft of goals related to relationships of Justice, Faith and Hospitality and have started putting ideas for action steps down for the next five years. After we finish this step of our Ministry Action Plan, then we will look at the facility and other resources needed to accomplish our goals. In other words, how are we going to welcome new folks, join them in faith exploration and do good works in the world?
If you haven’t offered your insights and vision, don’t hesitate to email me or our church consultant, Mary Scifres. And please join us in prayer as we look into the future of the United Methodist Church of Vista!

Pastor Leigh Ann


A Word from Your Gap Team & Consultant Mary Scifres – March 2018

A Word from Your Gap Team & Consultant Mary Scifres

March 2018 Update

We were so energized and inspired by the congregation’s insightful and enthusiastic participation in our January visioning retreat. We know that some of you want us moving forward at a sprint, and others prefer a snail’s pace, so we’re trying to navigate a marathon ministry plan that moves forward at a quick clip – meaning we plan to have a Ministry Plan to present to you for your review and approval later this spring, sometime in the Easter season (which runs all of April and May this year). We imagine a day not too far in our church’s future when our campus is so busy and our impact so huge in Vista that we are in service to others seven days a week, rooms are constantly buzzing with loving energy as we put our faith in action, and the community knows and trusts that we are a hub of inclusion, loving ministry, and collaborative connection in serving the needs of Vista and North County. Wherever God calls us and however we answer that call, we want to maintain our identity as the United Methodist Church of Vista, always keeping God’s call, and purpose and vision for our church at the center. Yes, this means we are discussing our current building and campus, and how it can best serve as a supportive infrastructure for ministry. Yes, we are talking about current ministries and dreaming about future ministries. And, we are celebrating the church’s impact in 2017 and 2018, even as we envision a greater impact for 2019, 2020 and beyond. As we continue developing a ministry plan and discerning how best to support and live into that plan, we look forward to even more input and insight from you. Please join us this month at one of the many small group gatherings that your GAP Team will be hosting in homes and at church to listen for your ideas, answer your questions, and continue our prayerful discernment about where Christ calls us to serve and how best to answer that call!

More information and details available in the church of ce, on the website, or during Sunday morning announcements. As always, feel free to contact Consultant Mary Scifres or any member of the GAP Team with your ideas, questions, and insights about the mission and ministry plan of UMC Vista!


In Home Visioning Meetings


It is time to share your opinion and/or hear the opinions of other church members as we dream about our church’s future ministry.  Sign up to come to one of the In-Home/Cottage Meetings to talk to our leadership ‘GAP’ team who are working with our Church Consultant and Pastor to plan our future.  Do you have an opinion about building or not building, increasing homeless care or getting that preschool going?  Do you think we should start a community garden to feed the neighborhood or offer an after-school safe study/play zone for children?  Do you think we should have a restaurant grade kitchen or other food preparation area for sharing meals together?  What’s YOUR vision for our future?  Sign up by calling the office or writing your name in the narthex lists for one of the following…More to come…

March 10th 10am at Lyn Berry’s Home (12-14);
March 14th 10am at Sue/Tom Humphrey (15-20)
March 14th 7pm at the Church
March 17th 3pm at Warren/Carol Elsasser (10-12)
March 21th 7pm at the Church
March 24th anytime at the Church