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GAP Team Members
Lyn Berry
Warren Elsasser
Margene Haase
Beth Hallock
Dakota Koenig
Susan Kronoff
Barbara Mitchell
Billy Stempson
Mike Walker
Jim Wills
Pastor Leigh Ann Shaw
Rev. Mary Scifers, Consultant

The Dream Retreat – Jan. 2018

Dream Retreat – Jan. 20, 2018
Envision God’s Future
* Identity – “To be an authentic, accessible and inclusive community of Christ, celebrating and extending God’s love into the world.
* Mission – “Grow strong persons of faith who go out and offer Christ’s love to the world.”
* Values – “Caring, spiritual, growth, inclusiveness, tradition, and community.”
Let’s Build a Boat
– What does the boat look like? What kind of boat? What power?
– Who’s on the boat? Who or what is guiding the boat?
– Who could and should be on the boat? Could or should be guiding?
– What roles are people fulfilling?