Building Task Force
Team Members
(Dec. 2018- Present)
Rob Pierce
Rollin Grider
Susan Kronoff
Suzanne McMurchie
Martha Phillips
Mike Walker
Billy Stempson
Jacque Howard
Tim Clarke
Margo Rogers
Pastor Leigh Ann Shaw
Rev. Mary Scifers, Consultant
GAP Team Members
(Oct. 2017 – Nov. 2018)
Lyn Berry
Warren Elsasser
Margene Haase
Beth Hallock
Dakota Koenig
Susan Kronoff
Barbara Mitchell
Billy Stempson
Mike Walker
Jim Wills
Pastor Leigh Ann Shaw
Rev. Mary Scifers, Consultant

Building Committee Update Feb 2019

Building Committee Update Feb 2019

Building Committee Update:

On February 12, representatives of our Building Committee met with the South District Committee on Building and Location.  We shared our congregational work to date, our Ministry Action plan and need for additional space, our review of the community, our preliminary building plans with a preliminary budget estimate, our charge conference overwhelming approval of the plans to date and action empowering the creation of construction documents.  We received approval and supportive encouragement to move forward from the District Committee. That means, we have approval to create the construction documents, get bids from any contractors for the work and finalize a budget plan. Congratulations to us for getting this far!!!

In the next weeks and months we will be setting a calendar to get input from the congregation on various areas of building.  To clarify, there will be a gathering to receive input on the kitchen, the music area, the hospitality areas, the discipleship classrooms and the large gathering space for events.  Along the way, we will also want to hear your ideas about funding the building project. Ideas thus far include running a capital campaign for the congregation to pay for all or part of the project, utilizing funds from our foundation to pay all or part of the project, selling bonds and/or taking out a loan.  We have a lot of options and have heard many ideas and points of interest, and look forward to hearing more so that we can discern the desire of our congregation as we follow God’s call.

Our goal is to have the construction documents finished and a total budget with a recommendation based on congregational input to fund the building at the end of July or beginning of August.   Stand by for more information….

For any questions…  members of the Building Committee formed by Charge Conference action include: Rob Pierce, Tim Clarke, Suzanne McMurchie, Martha Phillips, Margo Rogers, Jacque Howard, Susan Kronoff, Mike Walker.  Ex-Officio members include: Rev. Dr. Leigh Ann Shaw, Billy Stempson and Rollin Grider.


Charge Conference Nov 2018

Building Committee formed by Charge Conference action! 

  • On November 18, during a Charge Conference, the Building Study team presented the basic plans to complete Phase 2 of our building.  After a discussion, the plans were affirmed and we are moving forward to create construction documents, take all plans to the District Committee and the City of Vista.  This portion of our work will likely take 5-6 months and be reported back to specially called Charge Conference for discernment and approval.  Special thanks to the Awesome GAP Team, and Building Study team who have done a lot of work! 
  • During 2018 we have developed a ministry action plan!  With this MAP…  you have declared your focus for all of our ministry together!  You are excited and are called to Justice, Faith and Hospitality!  You have said that you care about people who come to church for the first time or after decades of participation!  You said you want to care for the community of Vista and the world!  You said you care about children and seniors and everyone in between!  This is a congregation looking into the future with joy and expectation for serving God and being together!  The year ahead looks busy and filled with faith-in-action! 
  • Those currently on the Building Committee are:  Martha Philips, Susan Kronoff, Margo Rogers, Rob Pierce, Suzanne McMurchie, Mike Walker and Tim Clarke.  Ex-Officio members are: Beth Hallock, Rollin Grider, Billy Stempson and Pastor Leigh Ann Shaw


Our M.A.P. in preparation for Charge Conference

Our M.A.P. (Ministry Action Plan) in preparation for Charge Conference 

We will meet at Charge Conference on JUNE 27that 7pm to Affirm our Ministry Action Plan. 

Next Steps: The goals and plans outlined here will be returned to the Church Council, and all our ministry teams and committees as we strive to live God’s call in our world. 

Future staffing, budgeting and facility use and needs will be prioritized based on our goals as outlined in our Ministry Action Plan. 
Follow this link to find the here.
Survey Monkey Questionnaire here.


G.A.P. Chart – M.A.P. Part II

Mission Statement: Building Relationships of Justice, Faith and Hospitality to bring God’s Love to All People.